Sewage Cleanup Virginia

Experiencing a sewage backup or overflow is more about damaging your health than about damaging the home the contact us for Sewage Cleanup Virginia services. Whether it’s a sewer backup from a breakdown in neighborhood sewer system or water runoff from a storm, KHR Sewage Cleanup Virginia service professionals respond with the right tools, the expert training and techniques to remove the hazards and water from your home and repair the damages.

Sewage Cleanup Virginia

Blockages Are Often Caused By

  • Soil settlement
  • Misaligned joints
  • Root infiltration
  • Pipe collapses
  • Grease buildup
  • Other flushed down a drain items that have been flushed down a drain

Toilet Overflow or  Backup?

Sewage Cleanup Virginia

We can classify the water damage by these 3 types of contaminated water. Professionals at KHR Home Remodeling are trained to effectively inspect the area in order to generate an effective plan of action based on the water type.

The Types of Contaminated Water:

Sewage Cleanup Virginia

1. Clean water. Water from a broken faucet or a pipe. If is not repaired on time, it can turn into gray water and black water which can cause serious health issues.

2. Gray water- It is the water that is contaminated and if intaken, can cause health problems. For e.g- water from washing machine, toilet overflow or dishwater overflow.

3. Black water- The water that is seriously contaminated and a little intake can cause major health issues or even death. For e.g toilet water, water from rivers and streams that have heavy doses of microbes and fungi, water from direct toilet drain etc.

Our service professional at KHR Home Remodeling will follow the necessary steps to repair and treat the sewage backups

Removal of sewage and water
Removal of contaminated furnishings, carpet and flooring, and when necessary, other surfaces that have been exposed to potential contamination

Use of professional grade air movers to ventilate and dry the area
Cleaning and sanitizing of the area to prevent the spread of microbes that may cause disease or sickness, and when necessary, treatment of the area to help prevent future mold and mildew growth

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