Chesapeake VA Linoleum Floor

The unique look of our green Chesapeake VA Linoleum Floor style makes it a popular choice for most homeowners looking to be different. However, it’s also considered one of the most eco-friendly flooring styles, since it’s made from natural materials, rather than man-made ones.

Linoleum main materials include rosins, wood flour, and linseed oil. Fortunately, since it only contains natural materials, it causes zero health problems when it comes to the installation, production, or disposal process. Plus, due to linoleum anti-bacterial properties, it helps prevent the growth of microorganisms, which prove to be a helpful tool for hospitals. Additionally, the flooring is also antistatic, which reduces the risk of electric shock.

Linoleum flooring is also scratch-resistant, water-resistant, comfortable to stand on, and cleans easily. Linoleum tiles come in a range of colors and can even be combined with different patterns or styles to meet your aesthetic needs.

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