Luxury Flooring

For your Luxury Flooring installation, you can choose from a number of shapes, sizes, and colors of luxury flooring options. They may not be the most inexpensive options, but they include marble, terrazzo, and mosaic, just to name a few. These materials require medium to high maintenance with professional installation to prevent cracks from developing over an extended period of time.

Luxury Flooring 

Natural Stone Flooring – No doubt, when many of us think of the most decadent and opulent flooring we think of natural stone.

Mosaic and Designer Ceramic Floor Tiles – Nothing says style and sophistication like mosaic floor tiles and the look of your floor will only be limited by your imagination.

Exotic Hardwood Flooring – There’s nothing like scarcity to drive up the price of just about anything. So if you want the rarest and most unusual flooring in your neighborhood then why not look abroad for an exotic hardwood.

Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring – A quick look at our article on the most popular hardwood trends of 2013 will reveal that hand scraped planks have been a real bestseller recently, reflecting the retro trend for vintage old style wood flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile – We all know vinyl as a dirt cheap flooring option…but times are changing and Luxury Vinyl Tile (or LVT) is now a major player in the flooring industry challenging laminate flooring as the imitation wood or stone flooring of choice.

Forbo Marmoleum Flooring – Linoleum is another flooring type that has been around for decades and was seriously out of fashion for a while, but like vinyl it is making a comeback thanks in no small part to its green credentials.


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