Empty sitting room with floor to ceiling replacement windows with a view to a formal garden

Improve the View with Replacement Windows

Throughout their lifetime, windows can become less functional, providing less protection from the cold and the heat day in and day out. The weather sealing can become weaker, moisture begins sneaking in, or the glass gets cracked. These are all signs that it is time to consider replacement windows.

With so many window options to choose from it can be difficult deciding what is the best fit for your home and lifestyle. There are many benefits to different styles of windows that you should take into consideration when deciding which ones are best suited for your needs.  If you’re ready to replace your windows, KHR Home Remodeling is ready to help you get the most from your new windows.

Types of Windows

Awning Windows

This style of window has hinges at the top and open
outward which are excellent classic options for any home.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung windows are the most popular window option for the majority of homeowners for a variety of reasons.

Bay and Bow

Consider installing Bay and Bow windows if you want to add an architectural accent to your home which can also be converted into additional seating or storage in your home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large fixed-pane windows and are a great way to open up views of the outdoors in your home.

Casement Windows

If you want big windows that swing open then you will
want to consider Casement windows as an option.

Sliding Glass Windows

Many contemporary homeowners choose sliding glass
windows which are like double hung but open by sliding
instead of opening vertically.

Composite Windows

If low price and durability are on the top of your replacement window checklist then you will need to think about composite windows which are made of vinyl but can be finished to look like wood.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are affordable, durable and low
maintenance, making them one of the most popular
options for your home. 

Hopper Windows

Looking for windows for your garage or basement? Then
hopper windows are probably what you’re looking for.

Custom Windows

If you have special dimensions and materials in mind then you may want to consider custom windows.

Wood Replacement Windows

Although this style of window looks great, they are
suseptable to damage and also require a lot
of maintenance.

Replacement Windows

KHR has all your replacement window needs covered by carrying all the top materials and brands you can’t go wrong working with us. We strive to deliver the highest quality work in the least amount of time and cost to our customers. When you choose our team of certified window professionals you will also be receiving our satisfaction guarantee and unparalleled customer service.

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