white composite deck railings on a wood deck with three container plants and a hose in the foreground

The Finishing Touch of Deck Railings

Railings play an essential part in any railing and deck design. They can offer privacy, protection, and an added design flair. If you have small children or people who are mobility-impaired, railings are especially crucial. They provide extra support to those who it and they keep children safe. This is especially true if your deck is not located directly on the ground.

There are a lot of different types of railings, each one with its own distinct style. Whether you are looking for something traditional or modern, there is a railing to suit your tastes and your home’s style. Railings are also available in several materials.

Nothing brings a new deck together better or reflects the owners’ personality better than custom railings designed to match the look and feel of your home. Railings also accentuate the exterior of your home in ways that can complement your siding or wall to wall windows.

Types of Deck Railing

Aluminum Railing

Many deck railings are available in an aluminum variety but our Aluminum Deck Railing options might surprise you.

Preview Glass Railing

Our Preview Glass Railing System options give your home the clean, contemporary and maybe even futuristic classy appeal which will compliment any modern home design.

Baroque Balusters

Our Baroque Balusters invoke a unique taste, style and look which will surely be appreciated by your guests.

Raileasy Nautilus

Raileasy Nautilus deck railing offers unique wireframe
see-through appearance which adds security while also
improving appeal.

Classic Balusters

These Classic Balusters can be purchased in a range of colors and styles for your next railing replacement.

Scenic Glass Railing

Scenic Glass Railing options we offer are typically for
newer, more modern home designs, offering a classy and clear deck viewing experience.

Composite Railing

Our Composite Rails are incredibly low maintenance,
long lasting and look amazing.

Sunrail Nautilus

Sunrail Nautilus railings are wildly popular in Miami and
throughout Florida as well as other outdoor water decking areas.

Deck Railing in Southside Hampton Roads

KHR offers a large selection of railing options to complement your home’s exterior. With different styles and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect railing for your home.

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