Cedar Decks

Cedar Decks are one of the most attractive styles of deck you can get. Not only is it easy to install, but it’s also relatively inexpensive. However, you should avoid sapwood for your deck, since it can start rotting within a couple years. Heartwood common is a popular type of deck style since it can last up to 20 years, with very minimal maintenance, such as annual refinishing.

Cedar Decks

Types Of Cedar Decks

Many types of cedar wood are only available with a wide range of colors and availability based on region. Western Red Cedar is the most widely available cedar type in the U.S.

Western Red Cedar Decks– The most common type of cedar you’ll find is the Western Red Cedar. This is also the most rot-resistant type of cedar you can get and comes from the largest type of cedar tree from the Pacific Northwest, therefore allowing for larger cut varieties.

Eastern White Cedar Decks– This is not nearly as common or available the the Western Red but depending on where you live in the US you can also get this type of cedar. Not nearly as common to find in most parts of the United States as WRC. This Eastern white pine tree wood is a light brown, sometimes with a reddish tinge, turning darker on exposure.

Atlantic Cedar Decks– Atlantic White Cedar is native to the Eastern US. The wood has a characteristic aromatic odor when freshly cut and has a faint bitter taste, soft and flexible.

Incense Cedar Decks– These trees can reach ages up to 500 years old. Incense Cedar is native to the mountains from western Oregon to southern California and the northern Baja Peninsula of Mexico. It works well in structures that are subjected to considerable temperature fluctuations.

Northern White Cedar Decks– Native to Eastern Canada and the North Central and Eastern parts of the U.S. It has an even grain, fine texture, and the lowest density of any commercial domestic wood.

Port Orford Cedar Decks– Port-Orford-Cedar is native to a narrow zone near the Pacific Coast from southwest Oregon to northwest California. This wood is highly resistant to decay.

Southern Red Cedar Decks– Southern Red Cedar is native to the Coastal Plain of the Eastern United States, from northeast North Carolina south to central Florida and west to southeast Texas. The heartwood of southern Red Cedar is a dull red. The wood is straight grained, lightweight, soft and weak. It works and finishes well. It is extremely aromatic and repels insects.

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