Wood Siding

Our Wood Siding is another great option replacement siding option for your Virginia home. This kind of siding includes boards/panels, shingles, and wooden planks. Among the oldest type of house, siding is wood clapboard, which you will see on most historic properties. However, as aesthetically pleasing as it looks, it requires high maintenance and is expensive to install.

Wood Siding


Wood siding is often available for a number of finishes, styles, and textures to choose from. Wood clapboard, otherwise known as beveled siding has overlapping joints and is one of the more complex styles to go with. However, wood plank, also known as board siding comes in either board-on-board, tongue-and-groove, or board-and-batten styles. This kind of siding also comes in a plywood style, also called T-111, which is exterior plywood with groove patterns and face treatments that represent a board-and-batten design.

Wood Siding

Lap siding is created by sawing a board lengthwise in a slight pie-shape. This creates a narrow edge on one side of the length of the board, and a wide edge on the other side.

Drop channel siding is versatile in that it can installed horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. This type of siding is a popular choice for cabins as many cabins are paneled with boards cut with the drop channel style.

Tongue-and-groove siding can be installed in any desired direction: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It is available in rough cut or smooth cut, and is made with either clear wood or knotty pines.

Split log siding is custom made, and is usually made from a hardwood, such as cypress, cedar, or oak.

Shakes look like shingles, but they are much thicker and more durable. The bolts, or wooden blocks, from which they are cut, are sometimes hand-sawn. The shakes are not uniform in thickness, which is part of the appeal of shake siding.

Wood shingles are popular for siding applications because of the smoothness and consistency.


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