Cedar Shakes

Our Cedar Shakes are a great style to go for to distinguish your home from the rest in your neighborhood. Not only does this style of siding offer your home a timeless look, but it also improves in tones the older it gets.

Cedar Shakes


There are two types of siding to try out on your home, cedar shakes and cedar shingles. They may seem similar, but there are distinct differences between the two. For example, cedar shakes are split on either one or both sides, whereas cedar shingles are split on both sides. Plus, cedar shingles are milled more precisely than cedar shakes. Additionally, cedar shakes don’t lay quite as flat when installed on your home.

Cedar Shakes

Because cedar siding is a natural product, it is often considered to be the more attractive option and has a more timeless, unique look than vinyl. Cedar is better at absorbing sound, and therefore is able to act as a noise barrier. It helps insulate your home, which can affect energy costs in the future. Cedar siding will also add more value to your home.

When you prestain siding you are evenly coating all sides, and edges. This provides extra protection against weatherization and premature finish failure, and it often prevents adhesion problems and moisture getting trapped against your home. By delaying the restaining process, you are saving yourself time and money in maintenance costs.

All of the benefits of using prestained cedar siding counteract many of the reasons people tend to choose vinyl siding.


  • natural beauty – likely the number one reason any chooses this material
  • relatively inexpensive – compared to other wood options, more expensive, but compared to fiber cement, a bit less expensive
  • beauty and moderate expense make for decent ROI. Other wood siding options don’t achieve the 80% ROI that cedar shake routinely averages in the U.S.
  • durability – resists rot and insects better than other woods
  • good to great insulation properties

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